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How does it work?

Quick answer, you simply login into to our website, and start sending text messages.

Can you send Pictures or images?

Yes, not only can you send MMS type messages our system also allows for you to send other types of documents as a link like PDFs.  So, you are not limited to regular images.

Our current system doesn't allows us to send PDF's, does your platform allow you to send them?

Yes, we specifically designed it to allow you to send PDF’s via text.  Your customer will get a unique link to click on that will then open the PDF on their device.

How many people can use it at one time?

We have two options, you can use it as a single user that allows for all your people to send and receive text messages, or you can select the named users program that gives each user a distinct login so that you can see who is sending what text messages.

How does the single user mode work?

With single user mode everyone will login as the same or master user and have complete visibility of all text messages.  You can look at it like a shared email address that everyone is sharing.

How does named users work?

With named users, everyone is still sharing your main published number. The difference is that every message sent will be tagged to the user, so everyone can see which user it was that sent any specific message.  You also have the ability to filter or sort messages that were sent by any specific user(s).

How does inbound text messages work for named users?

When a text message comes in it will show up in the “All Messages” tab.  Once a user responds to the message then it will be tagged as one of their message.

Once a message is tagged to a user can other users see the conversation?

Yes! Even though the conversation is tagged, it is still available for everyone to see.