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Can I really get free Business Texting?

Yes, at Texting.Biz we are passionate about small businesses and want to provide you with this essential business tool to help your business communicate with the world’s number one method of communication.  So once your free trial has expired you will have the option to go on to our free tier program which will still allow you to send and receive text messages from your business number.

What is included with the free trial?

With the free trial of the software, you will get to see all the different features it has to offer. You will get SMS and MMS messaging campaigns and surveys. You will get to use the full program for 30 days.  Within the trial period you will get 500 message credits for testing the functionality.  AGAIN, if you feel the full program is more then your business needs you are welcome to continue using the program under the Free-Tier option.   

What comes with the "Free-Tier"?

With the free tier level of texting, you will get the ability to send and receive text messages. You will get 150 free credits per month. This was designed to alert you if anyone is trying to text your business, and if they are, give you the ability to reply to those messages. If at any time you exceed 150 credits or would like the ability to send group/blast messages, MMS messages or utilize the other functionality of the paid versions of the program you can upgrade without losing any of your current messages and or contacts.

Do I have to change phone companies?

Activating texting on your phone number in no way affects your current phone system. The process only takes a few minutes, it simply points text messages to our application while phone calls continue to get routed to your phone company. 

How many employees can use the program at once?

The best way to look at the program is as if it was a shared inbox for e-mail. Multiple people can use the same login to access the messages.  However, we do have named users in our advanced packages which will identify who it is that sent the text message.

Free Business Texting

This program allows you to send and receive text messages from your main landline published number.  It can be either a standard landline from the phone company or a VoIP line.  Because people are texting you now, you’re just not getting the message!  

Try it all, keep what you need

By signing up for the free trial you will get to see all that Texting.Biz has to offer.  If you decide that you just want the basic functionality to send and receive text messages then you can continue to use the free tier at no cost.       

Accessing your Messages

You can access you messages in a few different ways, you can login to our portal and get your messages or download our mobile app.  Most our customers prefer to do both to make sure their messages don’t go unread.  

Getting Started

Getting stated is easy.  Simply click on “Get started” above and quickly and easily register your number for free inbound text messages.  

NOTE: offer applies only to standard local numbers, toll-free number can be activated for a standard monthly fee.  Service does not apply to cell phone numbers.    

The campaign registry is an organization that regulates 10 DLC or business landline texting. During the 30-day trial and with the free tier texting your number will not be registered with the campaign registry. This may affect the deliverability of messages to some numbers. If you convert your account to the paid version registration is required to accommodate   the higher volumes of texting that is included with the paid version.