Texting.Biz Home Health Program

Home Care Month

A Package Designed Specifically for Home Health Care

At Texting.Biz we have designed a texting platform that has works well in the home health industry, so much so that we have been named Preferred Provider for several national franchises. As a proponent of small business and and believer in the good work that you do we wanted to extend the program that we are offering the big franchises to the independent locations as well. So we have matched our award wining platform with special pricing so that everyone in the home heath field can take advantage of this texting tool that will help you become more effective in your communications strategy.

Quick and Easy ZipWhip Migration

We know a lot of your organization were customers of ZipWhip, so we have made switching as painless as possible. We have worked directly with ZipWhip to develop an API that will allow us to import your contacts, messages, conversations and images, so you will have no worries about what to do with all of your history.

Total SMS

If you need more SMS & MMS text messages for your monthly text package, you can add them here.
$0 / month

Total MMS

If you need more SMS & MMS text messages for your monthly text package, you can add them here.
$0 / month

Number of Locations

If your business has multiple locations, you can link them together on the same account.
$20 / month

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Total Cost

$20 / month

Customizing your Texting Plan

Our standard texting plan is perfect for most businesses, and we recommend starting there as you can always adjust your plan at any time. However, if you feel you’ll need more, you can use our pricing calculator to create the perfect plan for you.

Named Users

With our Home Health Care plan, you have access to unlimited users, giving each user in your organization a “unique” user code, which allows for you to see which users has sent each message in your conversations. This also allows for you to filter for messages that any single or group of users are involved in.


With the base package, we offer 1000 SMS and 250 MMS. This is a good place to start if you’ve never used business texting before, but if you know you will need more than that, you can adjust your volumes using the pricing tool to the left.

Multiple Locations

If your business has more than one location that you want text-enabled, you can select the number of locations using the Locations slider to the left. If you sign up with multiple locations, you can select which users have access to each locations.

NOTE: All locations share your SMS/MMS volumes, so you may need to increase these.