At Texting.Biz we built in the features you need to effectively communicate


At Texting.Biz, we give you the features you need to effectively communicate

Auto Responders

  • Open Hours Respones

    With the open hours response, you can let your clients know vital information when they text you such as hours, response procedures and keyword instructions.

  • Closed Hours Responder

    With closed hours responses, your customers will know that you are currently not open at the time. It allow you to give them your hours, when they can expect a response or even direct them to alternative methods of communication for emergencies.

  • Override Responder

    Have a significant event happening in your business or need to close for bad weather? No need to dismantle your entire responder system. Simply put your message in the override responder until your crisis is over.


  • Individual Message

    With campaigns you have the ability to send out an individual message to multiple people at one time.

  • Send MMS Mesages

    Not only send out a blast message, but make it very impactful by sending it as an MMS.

  • Send Documents and Links

    Depending on your application, if you have the need to send either documents or a link we have you covered. With our document support you can send out .PDF documents.

Contact Managment

  • Categories

    Easily manage your contacts by placing them in categories. This helps you easily select the right group of contacts for quick and easy communication

  • Import Contacts

    No need for manual data entry, simple import your contacts with our import tool. This includes the ability to import not just one, but multiple categories as well.

  • Shortcust Management

    Throughout the program we have built in shortcuts that allow you to quickly add a contact on the fly, assign them to categories or even create new Categories while editing a contact

Group Messages

  • Create a number of groups

    Easily create any number of groups in the Group Message section of the program.

  • Edit Groups

    Once a group is created it is quick and easy to add and remove members from the group chat.

  • Full Message Functionality

    Get all the standard message features in group messages such as MMS capability, emojis, templates and attachments.


  • Create Custom Keywords

    Quickly and easily create custom keywords to generate automated responses.


    By linking keywords you can create custom ITR (interactive text response) menus to automatically direct your clients where you want them to go.

  • Auto Responder Integration

    Easily direct your inbound text to use keywords by placing them into your auto-responders.

Message Options

  • Tags

    Personalize messages by using the Tags feature to automatically insert contact information

  • Document Support

    Send documents, such as .pdf or .docx using our attachment feature

  • Templates

    Have a message that you regularly send? Create a template instead of typing it every time.


  • Gather Useful informaton about your customers' needs

    Get feedback from your customers about current or upcoming products or services.

  • Categorize Responders

    Easily add responders to categories based on their responses

  • Export Survey Results

    Export the results of a survey for use in other projects or applications