Never Miss Another Text Again is a trusted solution for all your business texting needs.

Texting is quickly becoming the new “Normal” in all areas of life including business communication.  At Texting.Biz we set out to develop a business texting platform that helps our clients quickly and easily communicate with their clients via text messaging, not create a cumbersome suite of “apps” that become a distraction to your daily workflow and standard communications.  That is why at Texting.Biz you will get all the all the features you need to effectively communicate with your customers via Text and MMS Messaging.

SMS & MMS Texting

With Texting.Biz you will be able to quickly and easily send  and receive text messages from any computer or mobile device via our intuitive web interface.

SMS & MMS Texting

Group Texting

You get true group messaging where multiple recipients can easily communicate with each other within the group chat format. Just like your phone.

Group Texting

Texting Campaigns

Send mass texts to your clients or members of your team.  A Great way to promote a product or an event or let notify your team of company updates.

Texting Campaigns

Contact Management

Our contact management  system allows you to store your contacts name and title, company name, email, and more.

Contact Management
Service Benefits

Why Your Business Numbers Needs Texting Capabilities

  • Simple And Easy To Use

    Get the information you need from your clients through texting.  Whether you need to confirm a meeting, send a photo or a document, it can be done through your clients mobile phone.

  • Separate Personal & Business Communication

    Give yourself the ability to separate yourself from your clients by directly communicating through your business number. Avoid the late night calls and texts when clients have your mobile number.

  • Quicker Response Rates

    Most communication is done by texting because it saves time and your response rates increases because people can still reply to your inquiry even when they are unable to answer the phone.

  • Never Miss A Text

    If your business has a landline number, there is a good chance people are texting you and you are not receiving them.  Give you clients another line of communication.

Product Features

Get The Most Out Of Our Services

  • Land Line Texting

    Texting is a preferred method of communication for most people.  At Texting.Biz we strived to make an application that was an easy, yet effective communication tool.

  • Send & Receive Images

    You will have the ability to send and receive images from your business landline number. Easily have your clients send a picture of a signed document in seconds.

  • Send & Receive Documents

    Our platform will allow you to send and receive documents to your clients. You can start using the most effective form of communication to quickly get deals done.

  • Group Texting

    You can create texting groups to have your team or clients collaborate on the projects or deals you are working on. Increased efficiency through communication.

  • Texting Campaigns

    Texting campaigns allows you to text multiple people with the same message, at on time. You can now inform a mass group of clients or employees of product updates, upcoming events, and so much more.

  • Contact Manager

    Effortlessly store all of your clients information in one place. Easily search and select any customer you wish to text fast and efficiently.

  • Use Dynamic Contact Info

    You can customize user data for texting campaigns so you create one text that is personalized for everyone in your campaign. Create one text that is customized for each individual.

  • Import Contact Information

    Import your clients’ contact information easily using a .CSV file. Migrating your clients’ data over to our system has never been easier.

  • Managed Users

    Easily see which team members have been corresponding, with your clients, avoiding duplicate texts between you, your clients and your staff.

  • Zipwhip Migration

    Our API allows previous Zipwhip clients to import all of your contact information and conversations quickly and easily, making the #1 Zipwhip Replacement.

  • Push Notifications

    You can receive a notification when someone has texted you, even when you do not have the app open, giving you peace of mind that your clients aren’t waiting for you response.

  • Auto Responder

    Our system lets you automatically reply to your clients to let them know you have received their text. Customize automatic responses within and outside your business hours.

Select Your Plan

All you have to do is select a plan that will work for you and your business and follow the step-by-step payment process. Note: all packages and upgrades can be changed at anytime.

Business Texting Lite Package

Start off with our basic package and grow from there.
$22 /month
One-Time Setup Fee of $89
  • Business Texting Lite Packages Services Include:
  • Landline Texting
  • SMS Messaging - 1000 SMS
  • MMS Messaging - 200 MMS
  • True Group Messaging
  • Send & Receive Documents
  • Send & Receive Pictures
  • PDF & Document Support
  • Contact Manger
  • Dynamic Contact Information
  • Import Contact Information
  • Push Notifications
  • Zipwhip Migration

Base User Package

Perfect package for small business or single users
$39 /month
One-Time Setup Fee of $89
  • All Base User Package Services Include:
  • Landline Texting
  • SMS Messaging - 2500 SMS
  • MMS Messaging - 500 MMS
  • True Group Messaging
  • Schedule Text Campaigns
  • Send & Receive Documents
  • Send & Receive Pictures
  • PDF & Document Support
  • Contact Manger
  • Dynamic Contact Information
  • Import Contact Information
  • Push Notifications
  • Auto Responder
  • Zipwhip Migration

Named Users Package

Perfect for sales and support teams or any company that needs multiple users.
$45 /month
One-Time Setup Fee of $89
  • Named Users Package Services Include:
  • SMS Messaging - 2500 SMS
  • MMS Messaging - 500 MMS
  • True Group Messaging
  • Schedule Text Campaigns
  • Send & Receive Documents
  • Send & Receive Pictures
  • PDF & Document Support
  • Contact Manger
  • Dynamic Contact Information
  • Import Contact Information
  • Push Notifications
  • Auto Responder
  • Zipwhip Migration
  • Named Users - 3 Total Users
  • Message Filtering
Monthly Add-ons

Available Upgrades

 If you need to add additional users, you can add them once you have created your account.  If you exceed your monthly message allotment, Texting.Biz will notify you to upgrade your plan.

Additional Monthly Texts

7,501+2,501+Call For Pricing

Available Named Users

Additional UsersUpgrade Fee
1 User$2.50
5 Users$10.00
10 Users$20.00
15 Users$25.00
25 Users$30.00
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What Our Customers Say

Companies we serve

Industries Who Have Benefited From Our Platform

Real Estate

Real Estate Benefits

In an industry that lives off cell phones and texting, how do you get support from the office staff?  Easy, give them the ability to text your customers as well.  With Texting.Biz your support and admin staff can quickly and easily communicate with you and your clients, all from your main number.


Insurance Benefits

In today’s fast paced world texting has become most people’s preferred method of communication but within the insurance industry, you don’t want to give out your personal number.  With you can use your landline to have your clients send your all the images, docs, and information you need while protecting your privacy.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair Benefits

How much time do you waste trying to hear back from a client when you are trying to get an approval for a repair?  With Texting.Biz, you give your clients the ability to quickly approve the repair through texting, allowing your client to respond, even when they can’t answer the phone.

Medical and Dental

Medical & Dental Benefits

Medical and dental practices will have the ability to send appointment reminders with our text messaging platform.  You can send reminders on a 1 to 1 basis or use our campaign features to inform a group of patients on a large scale.  Saving you time and money.


Contractors Benefits

Have you had a problem on the job site, and you needed to connect with your client to find a solution but get ahold of them because they can’t answer the phone?  Now you can use your landline phone to get an instant response via text. Saving you downtime on the job and protecting your privacy by not having to give your client your personal phone number.

Small Business

Small Business Benefits

Does your retail store or physical location have a landline phone to connect with your clients? If so, do you know how many of those clients have texted your number hoping for a response?  You don’t have to worry about missing any more texts by giving your landline the ability to send and receive SMS & MMS messages with Texting.Biz.

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Need Support?

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How does it work?

Quick answer, you simply login into to our website, and start sending text messages.

Can you send Pictures or images?

Yes, not only can you send MMS type messages our system also allows for you to send other types of documents as a link like PDFs.  So, you are not limited to regular images.

Our current system doesn't allows us to send PDF's, does your platform allow you to send them?

Yes, we specifically designed it to allow you to send PDF’s via text.  Your customer will get a unique link to click on that will then open the PDF on their device.

How many people can use it at one time?

We have two options, you can use it as a single user that allows for all your people to send and receive text messages, or you can select the named users program that gives each user a distinct login so that you can see who is sending what text messages.

How does the single user mode work?

With single user mode everyone will login as the same or master user and have complete visibility of all text messages.  You can look at it like a shared email address that everyone is sharing.

How does named users work?

With named users, everyone is still sharing your main published number. The difference is that every message sent will be tagged to the user, so everyone can see which user it was that sent any specific message.  You also have the ability to filter or sort messages that were sent by any specific user(s).

How does inbound text messages work for named users?

When a text message comes in it will show up in the “All Messages” tab.  Once a user responds to the message then it will be tagged as one of their message.

Once a message is tagged to a user can other users see the conversation?

Yes! Even though the conversation is tagged, it is still available for everyone to see.