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Real Estate

Real Estate Benefits

In an industry that lives off cell phones and texting, how do you get support from the office staff?  Easy, give them the ability to text your customers as well.  With Texting.Biz your support and admin staff can quickly and easily communicate with you and your clients, all from your main number.


Insurance Benefits

In today’s fast paced world texting has become most people’s preferred method of communication but within the insurance industry, you don’t want to give out your personal number.  With Texting.biz you can use your landline to have your clients send your all the images, docs, and information you need while protecting your privacy.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair Benefits

How much time do you waste trying to hear back from a client when you are trying to get an approval for a repair?  With Texting.Biz, you give your clients the ability to quickly approve the repair through texting, allowing your client to respond, even when they can’t answer the phone.

Medical and Dental

Medical & Dental Benefits

Medical and dental practices will have the ability to send appointment reminders with our text messaging platform.  You can send reminders on a 1 to 1 basis or use our campaign features to inform a group of patients on a large scale.  Saving you time and money.


Contractors Benefits

Have you had a problem on the job site, and you needed to connect with your client to find a solution but get ahold of them because they can’t answer the phone?  Now you can use your landline phone to get an instant response via text. Saving you downtime on the job and protecting your privacy by not having to give your client your personal phone number.

Small Business

Small Business Benefits

Does your retail store or physical location have a landline phone to connect with your clients? If so, do you know how many of those clients have texted your number hoping for a response?  You don’t have to worry about missing any more texts by giving your landline the ability to send and receive SMS & MMS messages with Texting.Biz.