See what some of our customers have to say about their experiences with business texting from Texting.Biz


See how some of our customers have added Texting into their daily commuications


Wayne Lawn has been using Texting.Biz since the beginning.  They have found it much easier to communicate with their clients.  


Modern Woodmen has found that texting is just a better way to stay in touch with not only their younger clients but also their older client base as well.  


At right at home they have found that using text messaging to  communicating with their employees is highly effective.   

Here are a few key industries that find Business Texting highly effective

  • Insurance

    Insurance companies find it highly effective to communicate via text. With Texting.Biz's ability to send .PDF documents, sending Proof of Insurance documents couldn't be easier.

  • Logistics

    Our transportation customers boast on how much more effective texting has made them. They can deliver written instructions to their drivers with a simple text. Helping them to stay focused on the road.

  • Home Health Care

    Home Health Care providers find it much easier to communicate with their staffs via text messaging. And with the categorized contacts and campaigns covering shifts has never been easier.

  • Heating and Cooling

    Not only is texting great for scheduling and confirming appointments but with the ability to now receive pictures customers can send in pictures as well.

  • Education

    With Texting.Biz school administrators and parents both agree that texting is a much easier way to send and receive quick notices to and from the school.

  • Automotive Repair

    Our auto repair customers have found that the immediate response they get form using Texting.Biz directly relates to better cycle times.