Why your Business needs a Business Texting Solution

  • Clients prefer texting as their top means of communication
  • 98% of all text messages are opened compared to only 20% of e-mails
  • 95% of all text messages are read and responded to within 3-minutes from when the message was sent
  • Our clients have seen a 65% increase in their response rates compared to email
  • Your clients are texting your Landline & VoIP phone numbers, make sure you aren’t missing important communication from your clients.

How To Get Started

  • 1.1
    Pick Which Plan Meets Your Business Needs

    We offer 3 different Business Texting Packages to accommodate all types of businesses.  To view our packages click on view all packages.

  • 2
    Click Sign Up Now On Your Preferred Texting Package

    When you click sign up now you will be directed to the checkout page, where you can fill out all your billing information

  • 3
    Purchase The Texting Package

    Once you have filled out all your billing information, purchase your account and we will register your phone Landline/VoIP phone number

  • 4
    Register Your Account

    Once you have landed on the thank you page, click “Register Your Account”. Enter your landline phone number, and can set up your account.

Setting Up Landline/VoIP Texting Has Never Been So Easy

  • You get to keep your current Landline/VoIP phone number
  • You don’t have to switch from your current phone provider
  • You can get your account up and running in minutes
  • Quickly start using the Texting.biz Platform to stay in touch with your customers

Use Our Desktop & Mobile App To Stay Connected With Your Clients

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Product Features

Get The Most Out Of Our Services

  • Land Line Texting

    Texting is a preferred method of communication for most people.  At Texting.Biz we strived to make an application that was an easy, yet effective communication tool.

  • Send & Receive Images

    You will have the ability to send and receive images from your business landline number. Easily have your clients send a picture of a signed document in seconds.

  • Send & Receive Documents

    Our platform will allow you to send and receive documents to your clients. You can start using the most effective form of communication to quickly get deals done.

  • Group Texting

    You can create texting groups to have your team or clients collaborate on the projects or deals you are working on. Increased efficiency through communication.

  • Texting Campaigns

    Texting campaigns allows you to text multiple people with the same message, at on time. You can now inform a mass group of clients or employees of product updates, upcoming events, and so much more.

  • Contact Manager

    Effortlessly store all of your clients information in one place. Easily search and select any customer you wish to text fast and efficiently.

  • Use Dynamic Contact Info

    You can customize user data for texting campaigns so you create one text that is personalized for everyone in your campaign. Create one text that is customized for each individual.

  • Import Contact Information

    Import your clients’ contact information easily using a .CSV file. Migrating your clients’ data over to our system has never been easier.

  • Managed Users

    Easily see which team members have been corresponding, with your clients, avoiding duplicate texts between you, your clients and your staff.

  • Zipwhip Migration

    Our API allows previous Zipwhip clients to import all of your contact information and conversations quickly and easily, making Texting.biz the #1 Zipwhip Replacement.

  • Push Notifications

    You can receive a notification when someone has texted you, even when you do not have the app open, giving you peace of mind that your clients aren’t waiting for you response.

  • Auto Responder

    Our system lets you automatically reply to your clients to let them know you have received their text. Customize automatic responses within and outside your business hours.


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